Hello All,

Been a while since I've posted and hope everyone is good.

Devin, I read your info on your company's website and it sounds like they are thrilled to have you. I really hope everything goes great.

I'll keep an eye out for a good looking square. I am going to buy a DRY DRY split bus to wrap for Moe's. I am wanting something like the Sunny-D bus. After some searching, it looks like I will end up shipping something from out west. If your brother in law wants to expand his search to western states, I am happy to help him look and pass on any shipping / transport info. I drove to AZ to pick up a car ....ONCE.... I think once is enough. If I buy a CA car, you can bet I'll pay to ship it

By the way....
Sunny-D Bus

My neighbor, Jim Olson, bought Mark's fast back today. He looked a long time for the right car and I think it was a good deal for both parties. Jim is really happy and his wife is relieved that he didn't come home with a hood ride.

It's been a long month...it would be nice to get everyone together for dinner one night soon. I'm thinking either Screamin MiMi's or, if that's too far for most to drive, maybe something on Pooler Pkwy...Hwy 80...South Side...Moe's....Savannah Mall area???? Ellodee and I are flexible. If dinner doesn't work we could do lunch next Sat???

At any rate, let me know,

Talk to y'all soon,