seat belts

Hey Bus Owners,

Scott, What does your bay bus have for seat belts?

Mark and Martin, What are you planning as far as seat belts in your bus?

Ellodee and I rode out to Tybee today and for what ever reason the subject of seat belts came up. As it is now, we're just a hood emblem riding down the road...it's only a slight notch above a motorcycle. I really don't care too much about my personal safety, but I really need to do something if I'm going to put my wife in that situation.

I was thinking about welding in some brackets and finding some aftermarket or salvage yard assembly which will include a shoulder strap.

If interested, we could fab something up and try it in my old bus first. It would be bad to design something and realise you don't like it after you've welded it in. I don't mind being the guinnea pig.


At any rate, we went to tybee today to watch the polar bear plunge. It was quite the spectacle. The bus as usual was a crowd pleaser. It was hard to get out of the parking lot with the number of people wanting me to stop for a photo op. I never thought an old junkyard bus would have so much appeal. Scott and Martin, I bet you get a lot of thumbs up and peace signs too. Mark, I can't wait to see the response when you get your resto done. Should be fun.

By the way, here are some pics of the crazys today.

The pics may just look like people standing around, but click on them and take a close look at the outfits. Gorilla suits, fur coats, hot dog, shark, tutus, prom dress, neon wigs...among others. I think the drinkin' started pretty early.