been a while but Ive been busy

Hate to let you down, but I better stick to the stickers. I cant get any large amounts of metal right now.
things are happening with my 2 toys - Jakes building the bus a RAT 091 tranny and the Thing is almost in the paint shop- with a few surprises waiting when it emerges. Mark I read your post about Jake- I know you have dealt with him longer than I have but I have always had great response from him directly WHEN i start the conversation on the forums, for a 2 dollar part or a 1000 dallar part or even just advice. I think he is extremely busy multitasking and email and forums allow for that as well as keeping fluff to a minimum. Just my opinion, I have been very happy with the forums and his service...........now if I can just get my exhaust! ( that was phil a month ago heh)

Hey everyone....next time you call Jeff ask him what he likes on his Hot Dogs....he might not get it right away....but eventually if everyone keeps asking him.

Phil - thanks for the invite on halloween but the kids were having too much fun in the nieghborhood...lots of haunted houses.....to drive anywhere.

We are probably out of any upcoming events for a while as I am really trying to make things happen with our VWS, but itll be worth it

happy motoring


B.A.S. Ahnendorp

Hey, I looked at their website and their phone number is published. You might have to call them. Can you speak German as well as you can type it?

Also if you have a pic of the part, you could post a wanted ad on the samba....someone may know of a reseller in the States.