Moe's Cruise Night

Saturday Night 5-7 PM



I knew you would come thru! Thanks. for this purpose i need the percentages to go over 100% Thanks man! Looks like the show was fun, and glad to hear that Moes is hosting shows every Sat.

Now whats this I hear about Jeff having a real VW now?not just some hot dog filling abomination.


Ellodee took some nice pics


Dixieland Cruisers show 2009

Excel - actually open office


Do you need an "if then else" string to let you know if your weights equal more than 100%?

=AVERAGE( VW1:VW2)> 60%

anyone an Microsoft Excell wizard?

I want to set up a formula that will average the manually input percentages of 2 separate and potentially different cells (easy) --heres the tricky part , I want to assign percentage value importances e.g.: cell number one will have a 60% percentage wieght in the average and cell number two will have a 40% percentage wieght in the average. cell number 3 will be the formula cell and will automatically calc the avg however based on the wieghts.

i could tell you that this was VW related.....but i would not be telling the truth.

if someone helps me with this i promise to never post non vw stuff again......im just stumped and i can find anything to help.


The Thing Triumphs

While in haste to get the Thing in better drriving condition for Boise, I neglected to replace the Throttle cable. Well it broke while Hot Rodding it with some Rat Rod choppers. I casually pulled over to the next parking lot and assessed the tools and parts I had to work with. I ended up with a vise grip attached to the cable, a zip tie attaching the vise grip to the pedal roller, and some bailing wire to hold the apparatus out of the way of pedal travel.
Another Evil Plot Foiled and another day on the road.
Happy Motoring

Earth Day

Well its earth day and just a friendly reminder to change your oil to the aircooled approved Brad Penn GREEN OIL yes its green do it today dont delay. Dont forget the new summer special upgrade your ignition for a limited time offer. This upgrade will create a stronger spark for a better burn and fuel return(mpg) also will make it easier to start and run cooler. Orders your today by calling Autohaus and spend a little green to get a little greener HA. PS results my vary per engine combination and customer attitude so come on you will have fun standing on the gas pedal again.


Just like to thank all those club members that brought out there cars Sat and attendend the car show. We had a great turn out of DKK representing and it was a fun time held by all. Would love to see us show up as a club to a major VW event in large numbers to take over someones next event. Well take care and happy motoring in thoses Vdubes.



For those attending sat show behind mall. We will meet at the old walmart accross from the savannah mall. we will head out from there a little after 730 am. if your going to be late call someone in the club and have them save you a spot we will try to stay together.It will fill up quick so be prepared see you all there later jeff


View from the SauerKraut


Marks Bus

Super Bus

Many Thanks to Ron for his expert tin bending

Marks Deluxe

Marks 67 Super Deluxe Micro Bus

Green Oil testimonial

"Brad Penn won't tell you how it works, but this oil doesn't degrade when your running race fuels and methanol as badly as conventional oil. It's also easy to tell when it is worn out because the oil fades from GREEN to brown, or black if your slacking on your oil changes. "

This is true as well....Its a great " Idiot Light " fior those of us that need to be TOLD to change our oil.

Ive run it in bot the Thing and the bus and have been greated with much better starting and running conditions in the cold - i will continue to run it. I just need someone in boise to freeking stock it cause shipping adds another 25 bucks

Jim beat me too it

Ive been busier than ever, but things are good here. The girls love it, they had a great easter hiking out a mile to some Hot Springs and to find that E. Bunny had left them some eggs to hunt for. they had a blast and we had it all to ourselves, not supprising it was easter and you had to hoof it through the snow. My cars need some TLC but they are holding their own up here. I just realized this morning that I have put 50,000 miles on the bus thats a lot considering ive really only had it running good for the past year and barely running for 2.5

We miss everyone, and hope the best for all of you. Im really peturbed by the news of the GG and hope everything works out as best as it can.

Mark does alot for this club and plenty of others not affiliated with it. I hope that he continues as he has in the past and soes not get discuraged by these events.

I know that these arent VW pics but I love the vintage JT racing pants on Violet. Those were my motocross and bmx pants in 1986 Ready for a new generation of FRIZ JR Thaought yoou guys would get a kick out of these.
so sorry to hear about the goblin any help i can be please let me know got a call from our midwestern dkk member devin today all is well with him andhis family he's doing good with his job he's lowing the price on his garden city house so he can get stable he said to be sure to say hello and best regards to all


Article on Flat Tappet Cams - don't take the chance

New Motor Oils Are Bad for Older Engines with Flat Tappet Camshafts


The more I research this topic, the more I believe that there is something to this. I urge everyone to do their own research, but as for me, I just placed an order for the Brad Penn oil.


Green Oil Buy Today

Order your Brad Penn Green oil today dont delay. If you have any questions contact Jeff at Autohaus so you can get your oil right with all the extra goodies. Hope to see you all on the road soon. Happy Easter. Pour in the good stuff.


poker run april 17, 09

don't forget about poker run the evening before dixieland show it starts at 204 & 95 at the motel across from the sonic 5 or6 oclock it ends in j.f. gregory in richmond hill with a low country boil the foods good and the deserts are great i know i' m one of the cooks all are welcome