Oval J's Bus

Thats looking SWEEEET! when do i need to come down for Assembly?

Did some work to my doors Today and found something.. its faint but there


More Bus Teasers

Yes...the dash has been "smoothed" out. No more grill or clock hole. Engine Bay painted lighter color


Oval J's Bus

Here is a little teaser on my bus project. After over 10 years of issues, we are finally getting into paint. The painter says I should have it home in 2 weeks or less. Then the fun really begins!!!


Is anyone going to Jake Raby's on June 5th for the Show/Dyno? I'm thinking of going, the Y U Buggin show @ Atlanta Motor Speedway is June 4th.. Was also thinking of going to this one..


Original Paint

Bit Messy, but looking Nice!