Sounds like

we've got a good sized crowd growing for the upcoming show in Hinesville


Sounds like fun

Ellodee and I would like to try Vinnie Van GoGo's. Every time we've been down there, it's been too crowded to get in. So, count us in if our schedule will allow.

By the way.....It's not that I can't cruise river street.....I choose not to. You know when they see shittybus rollin down river street, it's just gonna cause too much havoc. I refrain for public safety....don't want anyone to get trampled ner nuthin.


We Propose........

A Vinnie Van GoGo's cruise and pizza stop downtown sometime soon. There are three spots that I think we could bogart with a big vehicle say... my bus and another big H2o car and I talked to a couple cops down there and they said that we could probable "park" in front of the bike racks ther until we got spots. I did talk to Paul the owner but he cant do anything, however thought it would be cool.

On another note.. I met a nieghbor of mine that has a 68 bug with air bags- very cool....hint hint for you lowered guys that cant drive anywhere.....haha
I am going to do the minimum to this car. I am going to clean it up, put the new top on, and drive it like crazy. One of the main reasons we got it was to have another car while the Van gets paint and interior. I need to keep the money chaneled in the van not the thing.
We cant wait to drive it with you guys!


Hey Friz

You gonna keep that thing at stock height or slam it?



Looks like cool drive......nobody asked us to participate:(

just kidding. we have been having fun with the Thing. I've only had the windshield up twice.....when it was raining. hope fully it will be a daily driver shortly and it can join in on the fun. my only problem now is choosing which one to drive....but the weather usually dictates that.

Mark what do youthink of the new paint job, I found the guy that painted your car and had mix me a duplicate batch......I hope you dont mind


Some pics I found on another card


Cruise at Fatz

We had a great time today and missed those of you that could not join us.