Merry Chistmas everyone

Merry Christmas



Bug Progress

Got a Rendering of my bug done, Now i know what its gonna look like..hope the pics show up.


Split Update

Got a lot done on the pan, have a few more things left. ( Braided Fuel line, Starter, Shifter and a few stainless bolt)



Saturday Oct 12 DKK Luncheon

Calling all DKK  v-dubbers!!
Saturday, October 12 DKK Luncheon
Noon    Firehouse Subs
Pooler, Georgia


Future Local Car Shows...Any Interest?

There are two local shows coming up.  Posting information to see if any DKKs are interested in participating
August 31: Keller's Flea Market   Open Show   Top 40, Best Ofs etc  $15 pre $20 day  $100 for most registered Club members.   I have forms if interested
September 14:  Ole Skool Cruisers Show   Across from Coastal Chevy on US 17  $15   I have forms?



Got Fan installed with new Alternator. not sure how well its cooling since a VERY Large Speed Bump took mu temp sender out, lol but have the dipstick temp sender that Jeff suggested on the way..
Next up Installing complete wire harness, Yay me!
 photo C2A0DA50-50D2-47B1-95A8-6B2DBFA283C2-325-0000003DA48FF9A8_zps8fc56445.jpg



Breakfast @ 7:00 a.m.

Track Drive Line Up..   Way Cool!!!
Wally On The Top Line....   Kickin Butt
Jeff & Shannon Cruising The Track
View of the Track From The Bus!  Can you say "Slanted"
DKK @ The Finish Line.  An All Girl Finish!!!


track day

Dude where did i park my car


Bug meet Dog

First Post!

I decided to drive the bug to work today.


Statesboro Car Show

Southern Crusiers are hosting a car show at the Statesboro Fairgrounds this Saturday (May 18) 
8:00 - 11:00 a.m.  $20 registration    Fairgrounds located on US67


Welcome New DKKs!!

DKK welcomed 4 new members this past weekend. 
Matt & Kristen Lewis  '57 Oval Ragtop
Dexter & Renee Steverson   '65 Beetle
Ron & Rachel Riddle   '65 Beetle
Wally Mulero   '63 Beetle

Email me Pics of your rides and I will add them to the blog.


Local Show

Weather call time change /Local Car Show calling all DKK club members and local vws now is your time to shine. great  show so get your cars out and meet us at 930 am from dunkin doughnut on hwy 17 across from walmart and cruise to the show site or meet us there. we will leave out at 10am sharp need any info give jeff a shout .This is your time to shine and hang out see ya there Bring some money for show fees and food ect  http://Dixielandcruisers.org


Local Show & New Club Shirts

DKKs & Other Interested Dubbers,

ITEM #1:
Clean up your dubs.  We will be attending the local Dixie Cruisers Show on Saturday, April 20th.   It is recommended that we arrive together to park together.  I will email our meeting place/time to those who are interested after you let me know you are attending.    If you wish to arrive in the mass VW caravan, return an email to me TODAY.  You can register your dub at the show. That simple

ITEM #2:
I am presently working with a local shirt company to create some new club shirts.  I will have them completed before the Dixie Cruiser Show.   We will be keeping the DKK logos on front and back but may add some other artwork for these one-time only run.    They will all be the same color and there will be male and female shirts (2 types of shirts for females-sleeves and tank).   I strongly recommend you order more than one for yourself.   I plan to order at least 3 myself plus more for the family.   The cost for each shirt  has not been determined yet.  The company is not charging me for the setup or artwork and there is NO minimum order!! so these savings will be passed on to us.    Don’t miss this opportunity.  The last shirts we had made was around 2009.   Email me the number of shirts you want, sizes, etc TODAY.  Male or Female.  (Which female design)    Shirts will be heavy preshrunk T-Shirts like before.  No cheap crap for us!!    You will have to trust me on the design and color choice.
I look forward to hearing from all of you one way or the other.  As the VW Show season heats up we will be doing more events.  Get your dubs up and working and let’s have some fun!!



YUBuggin SHOW   June 1st
Atlanta Motorspeedway
May 31   Pre Show event 6-8 p.m.
June  1st  SHOW
HOTEL:   Super 8 Griffin GA  
Call: 770-228-1393
I will be leaving sometime on Friday hoping to get there in time for the pre-show event.  I already have my hotel reservation.  Recommend you get your's asap.  Hope we can have a good turnout.


Silverdollar Show & Races

DKK is putting together a caravan to the Silverdollar Show & Races.  Everyone is welcome
Date:  Sunday, March 10
Time:  Depart Savannah 6:00 a.m. from McDonald's @ I-95 & US204
Information:  www.kandlmotorsports.com/silverdollar/silverdollar.htm
Email:  Markjohnson5@comcast.net  for Savannah information

A really fun event.  Laid-back show with VW drag racing starting at 11 a.m.


Build them

Attention DKK members and friends this is a busy show year and hope to see you all attend. Feb 28 is the last day you can schedule your future projects and engine builds for 2013. Feel free to contact me with your plans asap there has been much interest but these builds take time and the longer you put it off the longer its going to take to get you back on the streets. Have a great year and see ya real soon. Thanks for all your support.