I love it- a DKK Blog.....Jeff your missing out

I am real busy this week but I will try and get a good white on black logo ste up for the header.

Had a great time at Moes last weekend even though my van was decomissioned at the time....Its Hauling rear now.



Post your ride

Sorry, go to the Layout tab

Post your ride

Ok, now that you've accepted the invitation, I've set you to admin rights. This means you can change anything on the site. Login and go to the settings tab. Any members can change or add elements to the site. To add you ride, add element that says add pic. Post it. Thats it.

With admin rights, you can change the layout, color, edit posts, etc....

Please feel free to play around with it.



All of you should have an invitation now, if not, e-mail me at rstewart99@comcast.net

Jim's Pics

Hey Jim,

You can view / download all of your pics at: http://picasaweb.google.com/Ellodee/Herbie