My friend met theses guys in Brazil today. Not VW related but still cool.


some fun stuff


sounds good...Ellodee and I will order some.


Hey Mark...

I heard you told Jeff that a type IV won't fit in a bug? I think I remember reading in the DKK bylaws that "THOU SHALT NOT DIS THE VW WHISPERER"!!!

In fact there is a prophecy in every VW manual...

And, it shall come to pass that on the twenty first day of the tenth month in the second thousand and eighth year of our Lord, there shall appear a great man bearing a golden wrench endowed with the sign of a V and a W. And, he shall lay his hand upon this lost oval and declare all is not lost. He shall see that the sign of IV is good and righteous! He shall bring the sign of IV upon this lost oval. And, all that shall witness this will agree that it is good! He shall henceforth be known as the VW whisperer. And, all will say it shall be so.

Hope that made you laugh. Lord knows, after all the frustration you've endured, you deserve a good chuckle. Your oval is one of the nicest looking show cars on the road. I know when you get the bugs ( no pun intended) worked out, it's going to be just awesome!

Keep up the good spirits and let me know if there is any way I can help.




so Mark when IS that beast gonna roast some rubber?!??!?!?!?!

heres a pic of a fellow DKK Trainee.........sitting around

In response to Hurry

Hurry+$$$= Mistakes
Mistakes+ Money= Unhappy Wife
UnHappy Wife+$$$$$$$$$(non vw related)= less money and time to spend on vw
less money and time to spend on vw+ Sceptical wife= less vw
less vw= is just that, the sum af allthat we despise .......... less vw

take your time and do it right the first time and make sure she gets to drive it when she wants to (without breakdowns).


any idea when it will be on the road?


fallen tree

hey phil why did't you call me about the tree i've got a real good chain saw mark your engine fit in the hole pretty good surprize surprize looks coool


Hey Mark how about this? maybe Ill work on the eyes a bit, I would suggest paint if your committed so we would have more of a color selection, as I dont have a green vinyl.
Can you take a picture of where you think you want to put it, and ill do a rendering to make sure you like it.




I think

He still has it. Jeff tends to hold on to good parts.

As for the fireplace, I think I'll build one.


Hey Phil, Does Jeff still have the Glass that the sticker is on?

hope you have a fire place


Hey Devin....I have a request. Do you remember the blue vw cat that was originally on my bus before I changed the rear to a safari? I have looked all over the net for that thing and can't find it anywhere. If you could reproduce it, that would be great.

By the way, thanks to all the offers for help/chainsaws. I was able to make pretty quick work of the tree with my electric. It is pretty new and the blade was still good and sharp, so not too difficult.

Talk to you all soon.


Sticker Run

I also want to do a massive Sticker run soon, So if there are any requests....Speak Up........
Anyone get any pictures of the vws at Ft Stewart?


Where's Devin??

wow Phil! that is a nice welcome home present. Im here busy as ever, I too have a chainsaw that you can use, however Im unavailable to help until maybe the weekend. Ill leave that hard work to you old men. Give me a call if you want to come pick it up.

Mark, I can't wait to see that RAT motor pushing the GOBLIN. That will be exciting and reliable to boot.

Also I just came into a large amount of Aircraft "DYNOMAT" sound deading insulation so once I figure out how much i need I will be ready to dole it out to anyone who wants to quiet/ and insulate their vws down. It is only about 1/16" thick and alum backed. i also have some that is not backed for doubleing up on areas.

I am anxiously awaiting the long sought after Raby/Tangerine header and muffler combo for my engine. I got in by the skin of my teeth. only 10 made for now and i got sn 10. It should be here in a few weeks.

Hope everyone is good and running- Sorry we missed Ft Stewart, Sounds like it was a cool showing of DKK VWs.

We are still down for a Vinnies Run anytime just let me know whens good for all.


what happened to Devin?

Anybody heard from Devin???? You guys still want to meet at Vinnie Van Go Go's one evening soon?

By the way, anyone have a chain saw I can borrow?


Check out Jeff's site


Elguapo Lives

Hey everybody, Ellodee and I had a great time cruising to the show. Mark, sorry to hear about your mech. trouble on the way home.

I left my camera at home. If anyone has some show pics, please send them to me. I'm still gathering pics for Jeff's website.

Now for your enjoyment....


something came up

Sorry guys...we will not make it tomorrow. Im leaving myself open to verbal bashing here.

friz and family