Split at Yatch Club...Daytona, FL

And a full moon before the outer bands from the hurricane rolled in.


good idea or bad idea?

Is this a good idea or a bad one?...../I know I'll never forget the name.


NOPI show

Sorry for the late notice.
Several DKK members are meeting THIS Saturday morning to attend the NOPI Car show on Eisenhower Dr. You are invited to join us. Meet at the (SEARS) near Golden Coral Parking lot @ Ogelthorpe Mall-8 a.m. We plan to caravan together around 8:30 a.m. We would love to have a long line of air-cooled VWs arrive at the same time for maximum effect!!!
If you plan to join us, please return an email and let us know. Weather promises to be very nice. Wear sunscreen. Clean up your ride and Bring a chair. One of our DKK members may bring our club tent in his SUV for shade. We plan to buzz the VW dealership after the show.
Mark "Oval J" Johnson
56 Oval Ragtop
67 13 window Bus (under construction)


A1 shipped my bus header on Tuesday. I hope it wasn't an imposition



You could just become a vendor yourself then you can give preferential service to yourself (and us) and you can treat everyone else like stepchildren


A-1 muffler

I placed an order with A-1 two weeks ago. When I talked to them today, they had not even shipped my item which was in stock when I ordered. Why is everything I order from VW vendors just like this??? What do you have to do to get decent customer service????