Sorry Jim

Been busy with our garage redo and work. Also don't have any VWs to drive at the moment. Glad to see some posts going up on the site!!


how come i don't see any dkk members meeting at moe's on saturdays it's a great time to catch up hope to see some if not all soon devin your excused but only for a short time love to the girls jim



Really cool post Devin. Love the road around the mountain with the lake below.

camp pics

Camp Trip on the middle fork of the Boise River

About 50 miles down a winding dirt washboard of up and down mountain driving! Fun Fun Fun!!! 3 day camp trip with the girls


Found rebuilt motor

Cameron you can purchase a rebuilt motor from Aubry in Sc all day long. Feel free to contact me for more information later jeff(Autohaus)


does anyone know where i can find a running 1600cc?..........used?


reply to Tiki in Helen GA

Jeff did Tiki force you to buy a bottle of Yager to christen her with?


car show

car show this saturday in statesboro at the fairgrounds on hwy. 67 devin said something about pictures of marks garage my computer must not be working right i didn't get them i 'll have to try to get time to go see it what's this about another vw club i thought we were the only around moes cruise in's are doing great but we would love to see more dkk members besides myself, ellodee,jimmyand phil



Tiki Micro Panel Bus On The Way to Helen GA

Helen Ga Bound

Tiki in Helen GA

Tiki Going Strong I Beat On it For Almost 900 miles Round Trip To The NC and Back.

Tiki on the Dyno

Sneeky Tiki lookin for some power

What night owls Do

76 Vert More power /V2 DTM in action



I stupidly posted a comment on the other clubs forum page. Big mistake. I'm done messing with them!


Im very envious of your garage, thats awsome. BTW what is the punishment for MUTINY? Stoning?