Ragtop, Looks like all the DKKs here in Savannah have other obligations during BugJam weekend. If you guys are not going it won't be much fun to be down there with no other DKKs so we'll stay home too. Really sorry to hear about the job situation there. We would love to have all of you back home in Savannah. It would be nice to have some help with the bus rebuild. OvalJ


Bug Jam..

Its looking like we will not be able to attend the Bug Jam this year due to funds being so low.. I am working but not making a lot. Emily still has had no luck in her job search, plenty of jobs here but she must have to much Experience.
We both have Decided to give it 2 more weeks, If nothing comes up we will be heading back to Savannah..
Hope all is well with the club..
See you guys soon..