From Boise, Idaho

Merry Christmas from the Frosty Frizzell's


Merry Christmas
Happy New Year


Update on daily Driver

here is the oval as it sits right now. still a few Nick nacks to do..


New Daily Driver

The New Daily Driver Is almost done with Assembly..



DKKs on the St. Petersburg Pier after the Bulli Brigade
Maddie with her Green Goblin at the 09 Pasco Bug Jam

Bug Jam 2009



Congrats Phil

looks like you guys were having fun in El Guapo! Hope everyones Halloween was good and fun cant wait to see some pictures of the party, Im sure someone decorated a vw. heres a pic of ours(containing a vw of course) we have other pics at http://www.flickr.com/photos/drvp/


Test run on 67 deluxe bus with benasty motor

I-16 test speed run in 67 deluxe bus


Randars Randars Everywhere

Hey Dev.... you might be right except the 17" randars that Jeff and I have require some serious mods to fit under the bus or bug. I had 4 major mods on the Goblin and I believe Jeff had about as many. There is a 15" randar available but we didn't think it had as much impact as our 17"s

Wish you guys were around so you could come to the DKK Halloween party this weekend. We'll be sure to lift one on your behalf.

Did you guys find a clearance sale on Randars?

watch out or they'll get played out like BRM's ! Really both the Tiki and the GG look real happy with their new bling bling shoes


another non vw -but german/aircooled post from Devin

Hey guys, just let me know if these are inappropriate topics - i try and stay with the German /aircooled themes- hey at least Im posting right!

If you dont know, my mom and her husband have taken to the road once again- this time on 2 dual sport BMW bikes. this trip is looking to be a 6 month trek, if you want to check out their blog here is the addy

his bike is a 2009 GS 1200 adventure (aircooled opposed)
hers is a 2009 GS 650 (H2O, but still cool)

Happy motoring!


Passing of Sterling Wagner

Sterling Wagner and his wife Shirley are members of the HHI Bug Cub were/are wonderful people and major VW nuts like all of us. They are the proud owners of BEETLEJUICE a best of show 70s bug that has attended numerous shows with us. I first met them about 10 years ago. Sterling had been ill for some time but I'm sure Shirley is at a loss. I've asked Nick to let me know when they plan to have the "celebration" for Sterling and perhaps we can all caravan over to HHI and pay our respects as only VDubbers can.



Bussn it


Luftwaffe in Idaho 2

The Luftwaffe just came back for 16,000 Gallons of premium

The Luftwaffe stopped by to check out the death bus. Sorry I couldnt get a better picture of the iron cross.


Waited Too Long!

I waited 5 months for the Green Goblin to return home. I probably should've come out of the garage and eaten something?


Green Goblin Homecoming

The Green Goblin has returned home. Some finishing items to do before we're on the road full-time. Special thanks to Jeff (Autohaus) for everything.


New DKK Shirts

Scott has everyone's shirt order and should be getting the order in Friday. All the different colors will be pretty cool when we go to events.


New DKK Shirts

Looks like most of us are going "green" on the new DKK shirts. Dark Green with White Logos front & back. Shirt sizes and $$ due to Scott or Me by Thursday this week.


New Club Shirt Order

Here is the deal on the new DKK club shirts. Shirt & logo color not decided yet.

Adult Shirts S-XXL $12.00 ea
Kid Shirts $10.00 ea

All order numbers, sizes w/ money must be recieved by Scott or Me before October 8th. Order will be placed on Oct 9th so we will have them in time for the BugJam.

Oval J



Four DKK Families so far: Patterson, Stewart, Fabris, Johnson (10 people)
Any More? Get your hotel NOW!!! http://www.pascobugjam.com/
Preregistration deadline Oct 30th. I have more show applications if needed.
Main caravan will leave Friday afternoon from the "Js"- time TBA



Sunday, November 8, 2009


October 24 Local Event

DKK, Our club has been invited to participate in an event at the new Garden City City Hall located on Dean Forrest Rd. across from Southbridge. Date: Saturday, October 24th 2009 HOP CHOP. Bar-B-Que cook-off competition. They need a head count for food, I guess. Not a car competition but a show and shine. Sure to be other cars from other clubs there too. They sent me a form but didn't say when they need it back. If you are interested, email me asap and I will let them know if we are coming. I cannot attend...have to work in Raleigh, NC that day.


OEM wheels

Tires Plus on Abercorn Street can balance your OEM rims



the melborne fla show is oct 11 they have a get together on sat nite the 10th i'll try to go down on the 8th or 9th to visit relitives and come back on sun after show as far as i know nick and burt from hh vw are going jeff is also going


Goblin Teaser

Picture taken today at Low Country Collision.
Note he already has his DKK badge back!


Goblin Update

The Green Goblin is out of major surgery and headed to Autohaus for reassembly this Friday. It has been a long but fruitful ordeal. The Goblin has never looked better. Low Country Collision (Nick, Will, & Steve) worked almost 5 months to iron out every issue. I can highly recommend them for your next restoration project. Autohaus (Jeff) also took a very active role in mentoring LLC through all the nuances of our VW treasures. We should be back on the road soon.


Get Hatched

67 Deluxe getting hatched for easy access


Welcome Steve Fabris and Family

DKK welcomes Steve Fabris and Family as our newest members.

For those that were not able to join us last night, we missed you and you missed a nice outing. The weather was perfect and conversation was lively.

We had two guest cars join us...WH Johnson (68 Double Cab) and Scott Reynolds (Super Beetle on Air)...Thanks for attending.



This Sunday

Meet for dinner at Ken and Candy's BBQ Sunday at 5:00. If anyone wants to meet somewhere else and cruise over there, please offer some suggestions. Otherwise, we'll meet there at 5:00. Hope everyone can come.

Ken and CAndy's is on hwy17 at Chatham Parkway.




Jim, I thought we all discussed the Oct 17 Charleston vs. the Hinesville Oktoberfest this past Sat. We decided against the Charleston show.....didn't we? Why list both shows on the same day as DKK events? You are also not too clear on "When" the seafood Richmond Hill park or Melborne, FL shows are. Are all four on the same day Oct 17? Please clarify.

car shows

this sat. at kellers flea market aaca car show oct.17th charleston show seafood festable at j.f.gregory park in richmond hill octoberfest in hindsville sept 1o/11 melbourne fla vw show if i hear any more i'll let you know


DKK OktoberFest Event

The next official DKK event will be to attend the OktoberFest event in downtown Hinesville.
Specifics: Saturday, October 17 Meet @ the WalMart on US17 @ 8a.m. Gas up and depart at 8:30 a.m. Arrive in Hinesville approx. 10a.m. Park in front of the German Restaurant-Zum Rosenhof. More details later. This is not a competition show. Just a fun day of German Food, Spirits, and Music.

Thanks again for the birthday cake today. At least my Oval is older than me!



Checking the interest in attending the Florida Bug Jam Sunday, Nov 8th. The usual deal is to drive down late afternoon on Friday. Attend events around Tampa on Saturday (Bulli Brigade, various open houses). Bug Jam on Sunday. Return Sunday afternoon/evening. The hotels dry up pretty quick so if we want to reserve a block of rooms, now's the time.

If you have never attended the bug jam, bring lots of $$ for all the cool stuff for sale, and a camera to take pictures of the 400+ VW in attendance. Check out the web page. www.pascobugjam.com

Please return an email with your "yea or nea" and the number of people and VWs that might be going. I can borrow a pretty nice trailer custom made for VWs if someone would like to drive a chase vehicle....just in case.

I've only heard from 2 DKKs on the Oct 17 Charleston event. IS THAT IT???


Ever seen sparks fly around your engine bay look closely

Sparks fly in the night take a look at your electrical stuff in your engine bay. Another satisfied customer using Brad Penn Green oil change your today and feel the difference. PS WILL NOT I REPEAT WILL NOT STOP OIL LEAKS ONLY A GOOD ENGINE BUILDER CAN DO THAT AND LOTS OF CARE>


Great Job!

Isn't Jeff doing a great job on the bus project. This ride will be too tricked out when its all done. We should be rolling it over to the paint/body shop soon.

The Goblin is in the paint booth now. Won't be long before he is tearing up the streets of Savannah again. Look for pictures soon. We hope to have him ready for the Charleston Show on October 17th. Hope we will have more DKKs to drive up with us?

67 Deluxe Steering colum drop with raised steering box

Steering toward the right path

Herbie woos the ladies

Herbie gone wild watch out Lindsey


Shorten halfshafts

Shortn halfshafts for tiki buses IRS rearend mods to get it down low


Steering box raise

Tiki bus gets a steering box raise and steering column shortning. Almost ready for the streets once again.

Girls gone VW wild

Photo moments taken by all. I think the picture taking took longer than it did to eat. Little germany for sure you had to be there.

Autobahn Herbie

Sat drive to Hindsville in herbie the love bug


don't know

don't know about the shaft but snowey did't seem to interested had a great time in hinesville isure hope our host emails some of the pictures they took did't see any rain the whole trip but it was so hot the ground was sweating up


67 Bus Steering Shaft Shortning

Bus Steering Shaft Gettin The Cut Down At Autohaus and ready for the weld N


water box

that was a controlled burn out when i see a water box i evaluate it and since i have the power if all is good i go for it and tht's the way it is !!


Go Brad Penn Dont be an old goat

Dont be and old goat get your motor oil changed today to the going green Brad Penn motor oil. The engine you save could be your own and think of all the dollar bills you will be saving. No one wants to buy a motor so fix yours today.Happy motoring.

Herbie out of control tearing up the streets again your children are not safe

Herbie tearing it up at Moes.


Jim was that you and herbie in the water box video in moes parking lot?


i not only know people i take great pictures


Cut Up

Jeff cutting shock towers off an adjustable bus beam in order to narrow it.

Midnight Bus Tipping

Night tipping a bulli.




Beam N

66 Tiki bus's new beam narrowed at Autohaus and installed dropped 4inch welded spindles from nate at wagons west. Can you say slammed and lookin good

Friz Family

We'll try and make it ;)


VDubber Gathering Saturday

DKKs and Guests: VDubber Gathering

Saturday, August 9
5:00 p.m.
MOE'S Southwest Grill


Goblin Redux

Update: Looks like the Goblin might be going into the paint booth this week! He got fitted with his new shoes this morning. Congratulations to the Ragtop family's new addition.


New Family member!!!!!!

This is the newest member of our family.
65 Beetle From California brought to Fla 4 years ago.
PO owned Her for the last 24 Years.. And was Garage kept most of that time..
Let us welcome her into DKK.



Your VW is still waiting for you to change that oil so get er done what ya waitin for.

Whats missing here well you guessed it missing some Brad Penn oil good day

Lowered bus suspension

How to lower your early bus with an IRS set up. Get it low and rides like a caddy /horseshoes from Nate at the wagon. later see you on the streets watch out for those speed bumps or better yet dont go where theres speedbumps ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Type 4 Hype buy into it now.

Thanks Devin look forward to hearing from ya. Hope all is well in the big potato/ huh chip yea. Well the type 4 is the way of the future get in and hold on the future is well faaaaaaaaaaaassssssst and torqueeeee. enjoy


The BIG One

Autohaus std ops

From hence forth all engines shall be big block type4 with solid lifters

Jeff you be a happy camper come shortly after friday. talk to you soon.

anyone who is not running Brad Penn by now is a rotten egg


You are too cruel!!


Big Block Tease

Nice teaser Huh /more in the near future stay tuned.

Sound Clip

Hey Jeff, Cool post. How about more than "1" second of sound. Really cool to see it running.

Big Block Goes Purr

GG's motor back on the block with a succesful run.
Hey Dev, No issue with me....Jeff is just trying to stir something up. He's attempting to deflect attention away from how looooooong it is taking to get the Goblin completed. Granted, we are at the mercy of the body shop but I have to keep pressure on him....you know? Actually, we are R&Ding some interesting new mods for this rebuild which will probably become standard op for Autohaus in the future?


just do what i need to, to fire you guys up......glad to hear things are moving along with the GG. Things are good up here, the girls love it and Rachel is happy.


Sounds like someone got there chain pulled. Thats funny mark the last i heard you where going to an electric motor and smart car rims and tires what happen to that. I know how fond you are of electrical workins. Later tater last one to the paint shop huh loses. PS Dont forget to order your Brad Penn oil today and get that summer tune up before it gets real hot.


Response to Dev

Somebody's smokin' something up there in Idaho!!
I'm actually installing 17" Randars with low-profile tires. Jeff is working out the fitment issues now. I'm also adding a vert "W" deck lid in the back to help get the air moving around the 2280 beast. We are also cleaning up all the rear wiring, hiding it all inside the car for a cleaner look.
I will post some photos when available. Hope you guys are doing well? Oval J

Reply to the Naked Goblin

I like your new wheels! Mark thats a good look for her, I think you should just primer black it paint those new wheels red, Rake it, do your hair in a pompadour, and start smoking lucky strip\es


Goblin Redux

Some have been asking about the Goblin progress. Here is a photo from a few weeks ago. Nick and his crew are doing a great job taking it all the way back down to the german metal for the repaint. This week or next they plan to shoot the color.


That Sucks!

Sorry to see this happen to someone else. I know it is no fun watching it burn up in front of you. This is a fraternity you don't want to join!

Electrical Dead Shorts

This is my 01 Jetta,
Or whats left of it, It had an Electrical Dead Short Somewhere behind the dash..
Did not find it but got a good idea where it was from the direction of smoke coming out of the dash.
This was declared a Total loss.
Remember, shorts of any kind are bad and could lead to this. Don't put it off! get it fixed!!
Call Jeff at Autohaus.


Broken Long Brake Line / KEEP IT CLEAN

DONT let this happen to you. Keep your floors clean and dry. If you dont you will end up with a rusted broken brake line and digging yourself out a ditch or rolling down the side of a mountain. Later and happy motoring.

Got Sliders

Have you heard of the famous sliders well heres your chance to get your today. There not just drunk food anymore.



Hey im here and lookin forward to seeing more bus pics later jeff PS DEVIN CALL ME ASAP THANKS


New Posts Need!!

Where are all the DKK posts? 1 or 2 new blog posts every 3 weeks is terminally boring. Where is everybody??


Detachable belly pans

Easy access belly pans a great look to clean up you ride.

Raised steering box

Here is the latest 2 inch raised steering box in a 67 micro bus deluxe. This one is ready to lay frame and never scratch the box or lose your horn wire.


AC Stuff

Tell your friend to email me and I can talk him through the order process. He can check out Ed's web page at www.gilmore-enterprises.net. I will need to know what type of carburation he is using. This determines the type of brackets. Also recommend ordering the evaporator in primer for painting. Unless he likes the black plastic look? I didn't think you guys need AC up there?? Tell Rachel and the girls "hello" BTW-I checked on the GG yesterday. They have decided to take it all the way down to the original metal and build back up before painting. It will be even nicer than before. Jeff has ordered about $4000 in new engine parts. Not sure when it will be back on the road so I'm focusing attention on finishing the garage and the bus.


a guy up here is asking about an airconditioning for his split window---who were you going to use,

And what type do you have in the GG?

hope your all good!


bum knee

give phil a call to cheer him up he might have to have surgery on his knee had about 35 cars at moe's on sat 2 vw's andmark and family some mustangs corvettes and the mopar club great buntch of people remember you don't have to drive your vw's to enjoy friendships


Sorry Jim

Been busy with our garage redo and work. Also don't have any VWs to drive at the moment. Glad to see some posts going up on the site!!


how come i don't see any dkk members meeting at moe's on saturdays it's a great time to catch up hope to see some if not all soon devin your excused but only for a short time love to the girls jim



Really cool post Devin. Love the road around the mountain with the lake below.

camp pics

Camp Trip on the middle fork of the Boise River

About 50 miles down a winding dirt washboard of up and down mountain driving! Fun Fun Fun!!! 3 day camp trip with the girls


Found rebuilt motor

Cameron you can purchase a rebuilt motor from Aubry in Sc all day long. Feel free to contact me for more information later jeff(Autohaus)


does anyone know where i can find a running 1600cc?..........used?


reply to Tiki in Helen GA

Jeff did Tiki force you to buy a bottle of Yager to christen her with?


car show

car show this saturday in statesboro at the fairgrounds on hwy. 67 devin said something about pictures of marks garage my computer must not be working right i didn't get them i 'll have to try to get time to go see it what's this about another vw club i thought we were the only around moes cruise in's are doing great but we would love to see more dkk members besides myself, ellodee,jimmyand phil



Tiki Micro Panel Bus On The Way to Helen GA

Helen Ga Bound

Tiki in Helen GA

Tiki Going Strong I Beat On it For Almost 900 miles Round Trip To The NC and Back.

Tiki on the Dyno

Sneeky Tiki lookin for some power

What night owls Do

76 Vert More power /V2 DTM in action



I stupidly posted a comment on the other clubs forum page. Big mistake. I'm done messing with them!


Im very envious of your garage, thats awsome. BTW what is the punishment for MUTINY? Stoning?


Moe's Cruise Night

Saturday Night 5-7 PM



I knew you would come thru! Thanks. for this purpose i need the percentages to go over 100% Thanks man! Looks like the show was fun, and glad to hear that Moes is hosting shows every Sat.

Now whats this I hear about Jeff having a real VW now?not just some hot dog filling abomination.


Ellodee took some nice pics


Dixieland Cruisers show 2009

Excel - actually open office


Do you need an "if then else" string to let you know if your weights equal more than 100%?

=AVERAGE( VW1:VW2)> 60%

anyone an Microsoft Excell wizard?

I want to set up a formula that will average the manually input percentages of 2 separate and potentially different cells (easy) --heres the tricky part , I want to assign percentage value importances e.g.: cell number one will have a 60% percentage wieght in the average and cell number two will have a 40% percentage wieght in the average. cell number 3 will be the formula cell and will automatically calc the avg however based on the wieghts.

i could tell you that this was VW related.....but i would not be telling the truth.

if someone helps me with this i promise to never post non vw stuff again......im just stumped and i can find anything to help.


The Thing Triumphs

While in haste to get the Thing in better drriving condition for Boise, I neglected to replace the Throttle cable. Well it broke while Hot Rodding it with some Rat Rod choppers. I casually pulled over to the next parking lot and assessed the tools and parts I had to work with. I ended up with a vise grip attached to the cable, a zip tie attaching the vise grip to the pedal roller, and some bailing wire to hold the apparatus out of the way of pedal travel.
Another Evil Plot Foiled and another day on the road.
Happy Motoring

Earth Day

Well its earth day and just a friendly reminder to change your oil to the aircooled approved Brad Penn GREEN OIL yes its green do it today dont delay. Dont forget the new summer special upgrade your ignition for a limited time offer. This upgrade will create a stronger spark for a better burn and fuel return(mpg) also will make it easier to start and run cooler. Orders your today by calling Autohaus and spend a little green to get a little greener HA. PS results my vary per engine combination and customer attitude so come on you will have fun standing on the gas pedal again.


Just like to thank all those club members that brought out there cars Sat and attendend the car show. We had a great turn out of DKK representing and it was a fun time held by all. Would love to see us show up as a club to a major VW event in large numbers to take over someones next event. Well take care and happy motoring in thoses Vdubes.