Test run on 67 deluxe bus with benasty motor

I-16 test speed run in 67 deluxe bus


Randars Randars Everywhere

Hey Dev.... you might be right except the 17" randars that Jeff and I have require some serious mods to fit under the bus or bug. I had 4 major mods on the Goblin and I believe Jeff had about as many. There is a 15" randar available but we didn't think it had as much impact as our 17"s

Wish you guys were around so you could come to the DKK Halloween party this weekend. We'll be sure to lift one on your behalf.

Did you guys find a clearance sale on Randars?

watch out or they'll get played out like BRM's ! Really both the Tiki and the GG look real happy with their new bling bling shoes


another non vw -but german/aircooled post from Devin

Hey guys, just let me know if these are inappropriate topics - i try and stay with the German /aircooled themes- hey at least Im posting right!

If you dont know, my mom and her husband have taken to the road once again- this time on 2 dual sport BMW bikes. this trip is looking to be a 6 month trek, if you want to check out their blog here is the addy

his bike is a 2009 GS 1200 adventure (aircooled opposed)
hers is a 2009 GS 650 (H2O, but still cool)

Happy motoring!


Passing of Sterling Wagner

Sterling Wagner and his wife Shirley are members of the HHI Bug Cub were/are wonderful people and major VW nuts like all of us. They are the proud owners of BEETLEJUICE a best of show 70s bug that has attended numerous shows with us. I first met them about 10 years ago. Sterling had been ill for some time but I'm sure Shirley is at a loss. I've asked Nick to let me know when they plan to have the "celebration" for Sterling and perhaps we can all caravan over to HHI and pay our respects as only VDubbers can.



Bussn it


Luftwaffe in Idaho 2

The Luftwaffe just came back for 16,000 Gallons of premium

The Luftwaffe stopped by to check out the death bus. Sorry I couldnt get a better picture of the iron cross.


Waited Too Long!

I waited 5 months for the Green Goblin to return home. I probably should've come out of the garage and eaten something?


Green Goblin Homecoming

The Green Goblin has returned home. Some finishing items to do before we're on the road full-time. Special thanks to Jeff (Autohaus) for everything.


New DKK Shirts

Scott has everyone's shirt order and should be getting the order in Friday. All the different colors will be pretty cool when we go to events.


New DKK Shirts

Looks like most of us are going "green" on the new DKK shirts. Dark Green with White Logos front & back. Shirt sizes and $$ due to Scott or Me by Thursday this week.