DKK Boise ID Chapter

Hey everyone!
We are finally settled in Boise Idaho! It has been a hectic month for sure, Rachel and her mom drove the 4000 miles with the kids while I flew up to start my new job at Western Aircraft, (check out thier website at westair.com and look at my cheesy press release for a few laughs.) and got our new house set up. I am posting a few pics of Moving day so everyone can see the insanity of putting two vws inside of a semi trailer. Maybe Jeff can use em for the Autohaus Website. I wouldn't have felt safer with anyone else but Jeff helping me do that. This is definately VW land the van has held its own ( if not better than most other vehicles) in the snow. the Thing is cozy but lonley in the garage yearning for spring time. For all of you that didnt get to see the thing before we left, check out the "Black Rat Thing" its a 10 footer paint job, but its a miracle that we got it done....big Props for Autohaus. And now its a bit more presentable. We miss you all and sorry that we didnt get to cruise with the Thing. .......maybe someday.

Happy motoring, we'll stay in touch
Friz and Familia