Broken Long Brake Line / KEEP IT CLEAN

DONT let this happen to you. Keep your floors clean and dry. If you dont you will end up with a rusted broken brake line and digging yourself out a ditch or rolling down the side of a mountain. Later and happy motoring.

Got Sliders

Have you heard of the famous sliders well heres your chance to get your today. There not just drunk food anymore.



Hey im here and lookin forward to seeing more bus pics later jeff PS DEVIN CALL ME ASAP THANKS


New Posts Need!!

Where are all the DKK posts? 1 or 2 new blog posts every 3 weeks is terminally boring. Where is everybody??


Detachable belly pans

Easy access belly pans a great look to clean up you ride.

Raised steering box

Here is the latest 2 inch raised steering box in a 67 micro bus deluxe. This one is ready to lay frame and never scratch the box or lose your horn wire.


AC Stuff

Tell your friend to email me and I can talk him through the order process. He can check out Ed's web page at www.gilmore-enterprises.net. I will need to know what type of carburation he is using. This determines the type of brackets. Also recommend ordering the evaporator in primer for painting. Unless he likes the black plastic look? I didn't think you guys need AC up there?? Tell Rachel and the girls "hello" BTW-I checked on the GG yesterday. They have decided to take it all the way down to the original metal and build back up before painting. It will be even nicer than before. Jeff has ordered about $4000 in new engine parts. Not sure when it will be back on the road so I'm focusing attention on finishing the garage and the bus.


a guy up here is asking about an airconditioning for his split window---who were you going to use,

And what type do you have in the GG?

hope your all good!


bum knee

give phil a call to cheer him up he might have to have surgery on his knee had about 35 cars at moe's on sat 2 vw's andmark and family some mustangs corvettes and the mopar club great buntch of people remember you don't have to drive your vw's to enjoy friendships