Who is interested in heading down to Daytona, FL in late February for the 5th VW WinterJam Feb. 24-27. Travel, hotels, events, etc are to be determined once we have a group together that's going to attend. I recommend you check out the web site for the event to see how big it has gotten. There is something going on for everybody. www.daytonawinterjam.com

For planning purposes, send me an email of your interest in participating, days you want to attend, people going with you for hotel, as soon as you can. I will work on the hotel and itinerary.
Oval J



Man that thing looks CLEAN!
Sweet Ride!
Phil here is that pic from Aubreys
That I found.


Chris & Jen's Ghia

Meet our new prospective members. Christopher & Jen Stewart and their 69 Ghia Coupe. A very sweet ride!


Here's The Plan

Meet at Moe's Southwest Grill around NOON, Saturday, Nov 13th.
Meet & Greet. Cruise Leaves when we feel the urge!
Decide where we are going to eat.
(I vote for Fannie's on Tybee. Cool place to park for photos with the Ocean in the background)
Happy to go anywhere. Bring cameras, video cameras.
Happy to see the Hopkins clan joining us from Atlanta!!!

Oval J

DKK Gathering

Sounds like a Plan, We will be heading down to Sav Possibly Friday evening or early Saturday and should be seeing you guys Saturday afternoon..


Get Together?

There is some interest in getting together Saturday, Nov 13th. Meet in the afternoon and cruise to an early dinner somewhere in Savannah or out at Tybee. I've emailed everyone and some new folks interested in DKK. Let me know your interest and I'll organize something.
Oval J



Ragtop, Looks like all the DKKs here in Savannah have other obligations during BugJam weekend. If you guys are not going it won't be much fun to be down there with no other DKKs so we'll stay home too. Really sorry to hear about the job situation there. We would love to have all of you back home in Savannah. It would be nice to have some help with the bus rebuild. OvalJ


Bug Jam..

Its looking like we will not be able to attend the Bug Jam this year due to funds being so low.. I am working but not making a lot. Emily still has had no luck in her job search, plenty of jobs here but she must have to much Experience.
We both have Decided to give it 2 more weeks, If nothing comes up we will be heading back to Savannah..
Hope all is well with the club..
See you guys soon..


BUG JAM 2010

Who wants to go to the Bug Jam in November? Deadlines for preregistration and hotel discounts are the end of October. Check out their web page: www.pascobugjam.com Some of us are already talking about driving down on Friday. Attend the Bulli Brigade Show in St. Petersburg Saturday. Bug Jam on Sunday. Head home Sunday afternoon. Day of show registration is limited and the parking area for them sucks. Send me an email if you think you might be going.


Thanks To All

Thank You to All for the Send Off, We made it to the ATL Safe and Sound..
Everything is going good here. Lots of hills and winding roads very fun to drive!
I know we will be getting together at a show soon.. Hoping for Bug Jam, See you then.


Hopkins Send-Off

Join us in sending the Hopkins Family off to Atlanta. A reception will be Thursday 8-12-10 at the Henderson Pool & Pavilion beginning at 7 p.m. Punch, Cake and IceCream will be served. Call or Email me for directions to Henderson. Please RSVP for food planning. See you Thursday! Oval J


Moe's Saturday @ 5 p.m.

Believe we can make this Saturday @ Moe's 5:00 p.m. No motor in the Green Goblin yet. I'll invite several others who have contacted me about DKK also. Oval J


DKK Get together

Looking to see who would be Interested in a club get together
this Sat night at Moe's? maybe around 5pm or so.

Up for any other ideas. And we still need to set up a place and
time for a club Photo.. Keep those eyes open for a location, i suggested
Ft Pulaski they have a lot of open ground for vehicles.


60 Beetle For Sale

Ron is selling Shirley's 60 beetle. Several of us were involved in the build on this bug and can attest to its quality. Email me if you or someone you know is interested and I will forward photos and price. OvalJ


Sweet Pea Redo

Sweet Pea is now in Paint & Body. Many upgrades are planned. So, stay tuned for updates. Green Goblin is back in the shop. Lost a Circlip in my piston. Hope the damage is not too bad.


Anyone know this guy

DKK security team. German Haus


DKK Photo

Sounds good to me,
I will keep a look out for a good spot for a club Photo.



Calling all DKKs....
We should setup a date,time, & place to take a club photo of cars and members when everything greens-up. Start scopeing out some nice tropical locations. Members with cars under construction should still come for the group photo. My idea is to put some cars in the background and have all of us in the foreground. What do you think? Also, I have a few club patches left. I was wondering if it was time to order some more. Maybe different size or color if possible? OvalJ





El Gaupo and SourKraut Need one of these

Violet and i made this for a school project


November 09 Cruise

Thought it was time to change up the blog post. Pics of our Nov 09 cruise