Goblin Redux

Update: Looks like the Goblin might be going into the paint booth this week! He got fitted with his new shoes this morning. Congratulations to the Ragtop family's new addition.


New Family member!!!!!!

This is the newest member of our family.
65 Beetle From California brought to Fla 4 years ago.
PO owned Her for the last 24 Years.. And was Garage kept most of that time..
Let us welcome her into DKK.



Your VW is still waiting for you to change that oil so get er done what ya waitin for.

Whats missing here well you guessed it missing some Brad Penn oil good day

Lowered bus suspension

How to lower your early bus with an IRS set up. Get it low and rides like a caddy /horseshoes from Nate at the wagon. later see you on the streets watch out for those speed bumps or better yet dont go where theres speedbumps ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Type 4 Hype buy into it now.

Thanks Devin look forward to hearing from ya. Hope all is well in the big potato/ huh chip yea. Well the type 4 is the way of the future get in and hold on the future is well faaaaaaaaaaaassssssst and torqueeeee. enjoy


The BIG One

Autohaus std ops

From hence forth all engines shall be big block type4 with solid lifters

Jeff you be a happy camper come shortly after friday. talk to you soon.

anyone who is not running Brad Penn by now is a rotten egg


You are too cruel!!


Big Block Tease

Nice teaser Huh /more in the near future stay tuned.

Sound Clip

Hey Jeff, Cool post. How about more than "1" second of sound. Really cool to see it running.

Big Block Goes Purr

GG's motor back on the block with a succesful run.
Hey Dev, No issue with me....Jeff is just trying to stir something up. He's attempting to deflect attention away from how looooooong it is taking to get the Goblin completed. Granted, we are at the mercy of the body shop but I have to keep pressure on him....you know? Actually, we are R&Ding some interesting new mods for this rebuild which will probably become standard op for Autohaus in the future?


just do what i need to, to fire you guys up......glad to hear things are moving along with the GG. Things are good up here, the girls love it and Rachel is happy.


Sounds like someone got there chain pulled. Thats funny mark the last i heard you where going to an electric motor and smart car rims and tires what happen to that. I know how fond you are of electrical workins. Later tater last one to the paint shop huh loses. PS Dont forget to order your Brad Penn oil today and get that summer tune up before it gets real hot.


Response to Dev

Somebody's smokin' something up there in Idaho!!
I'm actually installing 17" Randars with low-profile tires. Jeff is working out the fitment issues now. I'm also adding a vert "W" deck lid in the back to help get the air moving around the 2280 beast. We are also cleaning up all the rear wiring, hiding it all inside the car for a cleaner look.
I will post some photos when available. Hope you guys are doing well? Oval J

Reply to the Naked Goblin

I like your new wheels! Mark thats a good look for her, I think you should just primer black it paint those new wheels red, Rake it, do your hair in a pompadour, and start smoking lucky strip\es


Goblin Redux

Some have been asking about the Goblin progress. Here is a photo from a few weeks ago. Nick and his crew are doing a great job taking it all the way back down to the german metal for the repaint. This week or next they plan to shoot the color.


That Sucks!

Sorry to see this happen to someone else. I know it is no fun watching it burn up in front of you. This is a fraternity you don't want to join!

Electrical Dead Shorts

This is my 01 Jetta,
Or whats left of it, It had an Electrical Dead Short Somewhere behind the dash..
Did not find it but got a good idea where it was from the direction of smoke coming out of the dash.
This was declared a Total loss.
Remember, shorts of any kind are bad and could lead to this. Don't put it off! get it fixed!!
Call Jeff at Autohaus.