Hello All,

Been a while since I've posted and hope everyone is good.

Devin, I read your info on your company's website and it sounds like they are thrilled to have you. I really hope everything goes great.

I'll keep an eye out for a good looking square. I am going to buy a DRY DRY split bus to wrap for Moe's. I am wanting something like the Sunny-D bus. After some searching, it looks like I will end up shipping something from out west. If your brother in law wants to expand his search to western states, I am happy to help him look and pass on any shipping / transport info. I drove to AZ to pick up a car ....ONCE.... I think once is enough. If I buy a CA car, you can bet I'll pay to ship it

By the way....
Sunny-D Bus

My neighbor, Jim Olson, bought Mark's fast back today. He looked a long time for the right car and I think it was a good deal for both parties. Jim is really happy and his wife is relieved that he didn't come home with a hood ride.

It's been a long month...it would be nice to get everyone together for dinner one night soon. I'm thinking either Screamin MiMi's or, if that's too far for most to drive, maybe something on Pooler Pkwy...Hwy 80...South Side...Moe's....Savannah Mall area???? Ellodee and I are flexible. If dinner doesn't work we could do lunch next Sat???

At any rate, let me know,

Talk to y'all soon,


Hi everyone,

my brother in law is making the huge mistake of deciding to buy a vw.....after many hours of my disuasive lecturing he is still looking. He wants a type III Squareback and is ...of course on a budget. He is in FL but is looking all over the south east states. If anyone hears of anything local please drop me a line.

hope all is well. best



DKK Boise ID Chapter

Hey everyone!
We are finally settled in Boise Idaho! It has been a hectic month for sure, Rachel and her mom drove the 4000 miles with the kids while I flew up to start my new job at Western Aircraft, (check out thier website at westair.com and look at my cheesy press release for a few laughs.) and got our new house set up. I am posting a few pics of Moving day so everyone can see the insanity of putting two vws inside of a semi trailer. Maybe Jeff can use em for the Autohaus Website. I wouldn't have felt safer with anyone else but Jeff helping me do that. This is definately VW land the van has held its own ( if not better than most other vehicles) in the snow. the Thing is cozy but lonley in the garage yearning for spring time. For all of you that didnt get to see the thing before we left, check out the "Black Rat Thing" its a 10 footer paint job, but its a miracle that we got it done....big Props for Autohaus. And now its a bit more presentable. We miss you all and sorry that we didnt get to cruise with the Thing. .......maybe someday.

Happy motoring, we'll stay in touch
Friz and Familia


Non VW for sale

I'm trying to sell my Miata. If you guys know anyone looking for a good, fun little car.


Thats great

Can't wait to see it. So, I guess all that's left now is a/c bracket?


Jim is going


Hey Brian

That's great...can't wait to see it on the road

I finally made it, and I have a new toy.

Hey guys. I finally got on here. still figuring it out. This is my new christmas present. 73 bus. It sat for 10 years but is in pretty good shape. Needs some work but should be running soon.


More pics of the plunge


seat belts

Hey Bus Owners,

Scott, What does your bay bus have for seat belts?

Mark and Martin, What are you planning as far as seat belts in your bus?

Ellodee and I rode out to Tybee today and for what ever reason the subject of seat belts came up. As it is now, we're just a hood emblem riding down the road...it's only a slight notch above a motorcycle. I really don't care too much about my personal safety, but I really need to do something if I'm going to put my wife in that situation.

I was thinking about welding in some brackets and finding some aftermarket or salvage yard assembly which will include a shoulder strap.

If interested, we could fab something up and try it in my old bus first. It would be bad to design something and realise you don't like it after you've welded it in. I don't mind being the guinnea pig.


At any rate, we went to tybee today to watch the polar bear plunge. It was quite the spectacle. The bus as usual was a crowd pleaser. It was hard to get out of the parking lot with the number of people wanting me to stop for a photo op. I never thought an old junkyard bus would have so much appeal. Scott and Martin, I bet you get a lot of thumbs up and peace signs too. Mark, I can't wait to see the response when you get your resto done. Should be fun.

By the way, here are some pics of the crazys today.

The pics may just look like people standing around, but click on them and take a close look at the outfits. Gorilla suits, fur coats, hot dog, shark, tutus, prom dress, neon wigs...among others. I think the drinkin' started pretty early.

Happy New Year

To all in DKK, happy new year!!! Hopefully 2009 brings all of you a great year. I wonder if Jeff is going to hold my t-shirts hostage as long as I had his wheel, he never did pay any ransom!