DKK OktoberFest Event

The next official DKK event will be to attend the OktoberFest event in downtown Hinesville.
Specifics: Saturday, October 17 Meet @ the WalMart on US17 @ 8a.m. Gas up and depart at 8:30 a.m. Arrive in Hinesville approx. 10a.m. Park in front of the German Restaurant-Zum Rosenhof. More details later. This is not a competition show. Just a fun day of German Food, Spirits, and Music.

Thanks again for the birthday cake today. At least my Oval is older than me!



Checking the interest in attending the Florida Bug Jam Sunday, Nov 8th. The usual deal is to drive down late afternoon on Friday. Attend events around Tampa on Saturday (Bulli Brigade, various open houses). Bug Jam on Sunday. Return Sunday afternoon/evening. The hotels dry up pretty quick so if we want to reserve a block of rooms, now's the time.

If you have never attended the bug jam, bring lots of $$ for all the cool stuff for sale, and a camera to take pictures of the 400+ VW in attendance. Check out the web page. www.pascobugjam.com

Please return an email with your "yea or nea" and the number of people and VWs that might be going. I can borrow a pretty nice trailer custom made for VWs if someone would like to drive a chase vehicle....just in case.

I've only heard from 2 DKKs on the Oct 17 Charleston event. IS THAT IT???


Ever seen sparks fly around your engine bay look closely

Sparks fly in the night take a look at your electrical stuff in your engine bay. Another satisfied customer using Brad Penn Green oil change your today and feel the difference. PS WILL NOT I REPEAT WILL NOT STOP OIL LEAKS ONLY A GOOD ENGINE BUILDER CAN DO THAT AND LOTS OF CARE>


Great Job!

Isn't Jeff doing a great job on the bus project. This ride will be too tricked out when its all done. We should be rolling it over to the paint/body shop soon.

The Goblin is in the paint booth now. Won't be long before he is tearing up the streets of Savannah again. Look for pictures soon. We hope to have him ready for the Charleston Show on October 17th. Hope we will have more DKKs to drive up with us?

67 Deluxe Steering colum drop with raised steering box

Steering toward the right path

Herbie woos the ladies

Herbie gone wild watch out Lindsey


Shorten halfshafts

Shortn halfshafts for tiki buses IRS rearend mods to get it down low


Steering box raise

Tiki bus gets a steering box raise and steering column shortning. Almost ready for the streets once again.

Girls gone VW wild

Photo moments taken by all. I think the picture taking took longer than it did to eat. Little germany for sure you had to be there.

Autobahn Herbie

Sat drive to Hindsville in herbie the love bug


don't know

don't know about the shaft but snowey did't seem to interested had a great time in hinesville isure hope our host emails some of the pictures they took did't see any rain the whole trip but it was so hot the ground was sweating up


67 Bus Steering Shaft Shortning

Bus Steering Shaft Gettin The Cut Down At Autohaus and ready for the weld N


water box

that was a controlled burn out when i see a water box i evaluate it and since i have the power if all is good i go for it and tht's the way it is !!


Go Brad Penn Dont be an old goat

Dont be and old goat get your motor oil changed today to the going green Brad Penn motor oil. The engine you save could be your own and think of all the dollar bills you will be saving. No one wants to buy a motor so fix yours today.Happy motoring.

Herbie out of control tearing up the streets again your children are not safe

Herbie tearing it up at Moes.


Jim was that you and herbie in the water box video in moes parking lot?


i not only know people i take great pictures


Cut Up

Jeff cutting shock towers off an adjustable bus beam in order to narrow it.

Midnight Bus Tipping

Night tipping a bulli.




Beam N

66 Tiki bus's new beam narrowed at Autohaus and installed dropped 4inch welded spindles from nate at wagons west. Can you say slammed and lookin good

Friz Family

We'll try and make it ;)


VDubber Gathering Saturday

DKKs and Guests: VDubber Gathering

Saturday, August 9
5:00 p.m.
MOE'S Southwest Grill