Chris & Jen's Ghia

Meet our new prospective members. Christopher & Jen Stewart and their 69 Ghia Coupe. A very sweet ride!


Here's The Plan

Meet at Moe's Southwest Grill around NOON, Saturday, Nov 13th.
Meet & Greet. Cruise Leaves when we feel the urge!
Decide where we are going to eat.
(I vote for Fannie's on Tybee. Cool place to park for photos with the Ocean in the background)
Happy to go anywhere. Bring cameras, video cameras.
Happy to see the Hopkins clan joining us from Atlanta!!!

Oval J

DKK Gathering

Sounds like a Plan, We will be heading down to Sav Possibly Friday evening or early Saturday and should be seeing you guys Saturday afternoon..


Get Together?

There is some interest in getting together Saturday, Nov 13th. Meet in the afternoon and cruise to an early dinner somewhere in Savannah or out at Tybee. I've emailed everyone and some new folks interested in DKK. Let me know your interest and I'll organize something.
Oval J