I'm getting old - FAST

Jesus, I'm getting old...I was looking at the pic below and the first thing to pop into my head was..."Wow, I didn't know Jim's trike had a springer front end"


i'm there what do you think the second girl from the left is sitting on i offered to buy them all 5 piece biki's if they pose in them they said they never heard of a 5 piece i thuoght everybody knew what 3 bandaids and a pair of flip flops was beep beep for now


Looking good jim hope you had fun at Low Country Customs. Jim Jim where are you BEEP BEEP


Bus Roll Over

Hey mark count on me to help you do a bus roll over. That is of course if im not busy fixing your motor with the spun rod bearing. Autohaus is ready to go up north as you know im just waiting on Jake to get some free time. Phil thanks again for all you help as of late and im glad your bus is still running like a sewing machine. lookin forward to your quest in cali or beyond to pick up ur logo bus. Happy Vdubin to everyone in the club and look forward to a fun year and dont forget tha April show. Jim im glad your happy with your nasty fasty look forward to finishing your kustom exaust.


i finally got to read the blog in answer to to oval j yes it was hosted by the the police but they don't like jap cars either and besides they looove me they told me if they decided to give me a ticket they would be sure to give me my senior citizens discount i sure miss devin and the girls tell them i send my love to bad rachel did't get with me before she left i talked to my buddy jack and i think i had him talked into doing the color on her tat whats this about phil going to the cal. to get another bus??? saw the short vidio of the fastback it was short but coool don't know if anyone knows yet but jeff got me a 78 camper bus to start working on it's hopefully going to end up as herbies dog pound to help when we rescue dogs tomrrow i'm going to low country choppers in garden city for a pre bike get together as added attraction well got to go my one typing finger is wore out beep beep herbie


The Fastback!!!

I got my ride back today. What a difference!!! The car was very good before and GREAT now! Jeff of Autohaus is a genius! The suspension work he did makes it ride like my Lincon Towncar! Well, if it weren't slammed, I swear, it would be exactly the same! He tuned the carbs and detailed the engine like he thinks I'm in a grand prix next week. A little bit more exhaust work and a bell crank linkage and a parcel tray and some 3 point seat belts and a custom shift knob and a luggage rack and a gold plated set of heater boxes and a hula girl bobble head doll and... and.... and... then I only have a couple of little details left and its done. Again....thanks Jeff! I'm glad you are as anal as you are when it comes to the work you do!


73 super beetle

1973 super beetle for sale. $500 without engine, $800 with engine. good tires, but back passenger tire has bad beading, so it has a leak from the stem. needs new driver side floor pan. minor dents. runs and drives, new rear air shocks, stock height. 1641cc motor, dual port, single carb. brakes work, needs e/brake reconnected. any questions my number is 912 344-0031, thanks Cameron
phil.....behold the ultimate moes promo vehicle............wow


just think how much the burritos will splatter when thrown from the extended bucket..

Hey Phil sounds like fun,

Ill just let you know that there are vws on every block here, Ill keep my eyes open for a nice bus



Wagons West HI-YO

Ok..Looks like its time to head west. Moe is auditing my advertising budget this year and I've been a bad boy. Didn't exactly spend all of my advertising budget. So time to buy a promotional VEEE-hicle. Of course it has to be a splitty bus and the ones suitable for body wrapping are out west.

So...who wants to go.? I can't pay for travel expenses, but maybe I can help with lodging or meals...at any rate...let me know if you want to go.

I've been talking about this for a while, but it's go time!



Boise has lots of vw's but....no herbie

lots of vw's but no one to replace Jim.

The girls miss you Jim.

Hope your doing well



My First Ride

Jimmy finally took me for a ride in his new fasty. This thing loves 3rd gear!!

mall show

went to the mall show it was dominated by jap cars on leaving i did my usual burnout but could only smoke them up in 1st gear instead of 1st & 2nd so i tryed again with no luck again in 2nd gear i figured out what was wrong i forgot i was towing my trike and it was in gear beep beep


Thanks Phil (and Jeff)

I took your advice and took the fuel sender out and peered down in there with my 3 d cell explosion proof superman flashlight and found two things. First of all....there is no screen over the outlet, I don't know if there is supposed to be. And a piece of rubber the size of a small child.

Hey Jimmy

I talked to Jeff today about the fuel tank. He said not to buy anything until you open the tank and inspect it...it may be something simple and you may get lucky. The $250 to boil and seal the tank is inline. He wanted to know if the price included boiling AND sealing. Don't seal it if it's not necessary...just boil it.