Happy New Year

Ellodee and I want to wish all of you a happy and prosperous new year. Thanks to all of you for allowing us to be a part of your club.



glad to see the pictures of the bus rollover and even more glad to see the jig worked alright it looks cool laid over knowing how easy it will be to work on glad to see everyone showed up now after ron gets done we'll all have to show up to turn it back over maybe we can get together and cruize or have lunch around the holidays keep in mind devin and his crew will be leaving soon hope we get to see them before they go off to the snow herbie



well just got time to slow down in case you have't heard herbie got to be the first vw to be invited to the concuors de elegance in hilton head he also got invited to go on the driving tour in savannah this was the first time they done this in 100 hundred years my oldest son and my grandson joey came down from maryland to go with me. I even got to drive on the race track at hutchenson island, and I out ran a porsche. We had a ball. Our bark in the park was a hugh success thanks partly to the DKK members that showed up, we thank you. Last Saturday we went in the parade in Pembroke with herbie and his trike bike entered the trike bike in the bike show and won top trike. In the bark in the park we addopted 16 dog for animal control and 2 puppies that someone brought. Last friday I got an old english bulldog and 5 puppies that I am fostering along with my own 7 dogs, so the house is pretty busy now.