i finally got to read the blog in answer to to oval j yes it was hosted by the the police but they don't like jap cars either and besides they looove me they told me if they decided to give me a ticket they would be sure to give me my senior citizens discount i sure miss devin and the girls tell them i send my love to bad rachel did't get with me before she left i talked to my buddy jack and i think i had him talked into doing the color on her tat whats this about phil going to the cal. to get another bus??? saw the short vidio of the fastback it was short but coool don't know if anyone knows yet but jeff got me a 78 camper bus to start working on it's hopefully going to end up as herbies dog pound to help when we rescue dogs tomrrow i'm going to low country choppers in garden city for a pre bike get together as added attraction well got to go my one typing finger is wore out beep beep herbie