The Fastback!!!

I got my ride back today. What a difference!!! The car was very good before and GREAT now! Jeff of Autohaus is a genius! The suspension work he did makes it ride like my Lincon Towncar! Well, if it weren't slammed, I swear, it would be exactly the same! He tuned the carbs and detailed the engine like he thinks I'm in a grand prix next week. A little bit more exhaust work and a bell crank linkage and a parcel tray and some 3 point seat belts and a custom shift knob and a luggage rack and a gold plated set of heater boxes and a hula girl bobble head doll and... and.... and... then I only have a couple of little details left and its done. Again....thanks Jeff! I'm glad you are as anal as you are when it comes to the work you do!