Where's Devin??

wow Phil! that is a nice welcome home present. Im here busy as ever, I too have a chainsaw that you can use, however Im unavailable to help until maybe the weekend. Ill leave that hard work to you old men. Give me a call if you want to come pick it up.

Mark, I can't wait to see that RAT motor pushing the GOBLIN. That will be exciting and reliable to boot.

Also I just came into a large amount of Aircraft "DYNOMAT" sound deading insulation so once I figure out how much i need I will be ready to dole it out to anyone who wants to quiet/ and insulate their vws down. It is only about 1/16" thick and alum backed. i also have some that is not backed for doubleing up on areas.

I am anxiously awaiting the long sought after Raby/Tangerine header and muffler combo for my engine. I got in by the skin of my teeth. only 10 made for now and i got sn 10. It should be here in a few weeks.

Hope everyone is good and running- Sorry we missed Ft Stewart, Sounds like it was a cool showing of DKK VWs.

We are still down for a Vinnies Run anytime just let me know whens good for all.