Hey Mark...

I heard you told Jeff that a type IV won't fit in a bug? I think I remember reading in the DKK bylaws that "THOU SHALT NOT DIS THE VW WHISPERER"!!!

In fact there is a prophecy in every VW manual...

And, it shall come to pass that on the twenty first day of the tenth month in the second thousand and eighth year of our Lord, there shall appear a great man bearing a golden wrench endowed with the sign of a V and a W. And, he shall lay his hand upon this lost oval and declare all is not lost. He shall see that the sign of IV is good and righteous! He shall bring the sign of IV upon this lost oval. And, all that shall witness this will agree that it is good! He shall henceforth be known as the VW whisperer. And, all will say it shall be so.

Hope that made you laugh. Lord knows, after all the frustration you've endured, you deserve a good chuckle. Your oval is one of the nicest looking show cars on the road. I know when you get the bugs ( no pun intended) worked out, it's going to be just awesome!

Keep up the good spirits and let me know if there is any way I can help.