Local Show & New Club Shirts

DKKs & Other Interested Dubbers,

ITEM #1:
Clean up your dubs.  We will be attending the local Dixie Cruisers Show on Saturday, April 20th.   It is recommended that we arrive together to park together.  I will email our meeting place/time to those who are interested after you let me know you are attending.    If you wish to arrive in the mass VW caravan, return an email to me TODAY.  You can register your dub at the show. That simple

ITEM #2:
I am presently working with a local shirt company to create some new club shirts.  I will have them completed before the Dixie Cruiser Show.   We will be keeping the DKK logos on front and back but may add some other artwork for these one-time only run.    They will all be the same color and there will be male and female shirts (2 types of shirts for females-sleeves and tank).   I strongly recommend you order more than one for yourself.   I plan to order at least 3 myself plus more for the family.   The cost for each shirt  has not been determined yet.  The company is not charging me for the setup or artwork and there is NO minimum order!! so these savings will be passed on to us.    Don’t miss this opportunity.  The last shirts we had made was around 2009.   Email me the number of shirts you want, sizes, etc TODAY.  Male or Female.  (Which female design)    Shirts will be heavy preshrunk T-Shirts like before.  No cheap crap for us!!    You will have to trust me on the design and color choice.
I look forward to hearing from all of you one way or the other.  As the VW Show season heats up we will be doing more events.  Get your dubs up and working and let’s have some fun!!