Checking the interest in attending the Florida Bug Jam Sunday, Nov 8th. The usual deal is to drive down late afternoon on Friday. Attend events around Tampa on Saturday (Bulli Brigade, various open houses). Bug Jam on Sunday. Return Sunday afternoon/evening. The hotels dry up pretty quick so if we want to reserve a block of rooms, now's the time.

If you have never attended the bug jam, bring lots of $$ for all the cool stuff for sale, and a camera to take pictures of the 400+ VW in attendance. Check out the web page. www.pascobugjam.com

Please return an email with your "yea or nea" and the number of people and VWs that might be going. I can borrow a pretty nice trailer custom made for VWs if someone would like to drive a chase vehicle....just in case.

I've only heard from 2 DKKs on the Oct 17 Charleston event. IS THAT IT???