Jim beat me too it

Ive been busier than ever, but things are good here. The girls love it, they had a great easter hiking out a mile to some Hot Springs and to find that E. Bunny had left them some eggs to hunt for. they had a blast and we had it all to ourselves, not supprising it was easter and you had to hoof it through the snow. My cars need some TLC but they are holding their own up here. I just realized this morning that I have put 50,000 miles on the bus thats a lot considering ive really only had it running good for the past year and barely running for 2.5

We miss everyone, and hope the best for all of you. Im really peturbed by the news of the GG and hope everything works out as best as it can.

Mark does alot for this club and plenty of others not affiliated with it. I hope that he continues as he has in the past and soes not get discuraged by these events.

I know that these arent VW pics but I love the vintage JT racing pants on Violet. Those were my motocross and bmx pants in 1986 Ready for a new generation of FRIZ JR Thaought yoou guys would get a kick out of these.