I'm Awake


Hi all. We pulled an all nighter to get ready for business today and, of course, Murphy was in full force. When I hooked the equipment back up, I had 2 gas leaks and the fryer would not light. All of this happened about 11 pm.

So... after cleaning and setting everything back up, we were able to leave about 3am to go home and shower/nap and get back to the store at 6am to take the equipment to the repair shop for service. Right now, we're running on about 3 hours of sleep since wed at 5:30am.

At any rate, sorry I haven't had time to post. I've tried to change the layout on this site to show the "Comment" to a post larger. I have replied to a couple of posts, but you have to be watching for them to see that there is a reply. If you look back you will see the number of comments, but the text is tiny. I guess the best option is to start a new post each time.

As for the J'ville run, we are hoping to go. Ellodee's bug still has the old tranny and turns up stupid rpm's on the hwy. I hate to be the slowest car , but if possible, we'll give it a try. The new trans is on the to do list.

As for the Dixieland show, Moe's is sponsoring a trophy and give-away goodies, so we will definitely need to be there. I'm replacing the drivers window in my 32 and we will try to have both cars at there.